Baby Room Redo

Here is the color on the walls, and the glider and crib we put together this weekend. Phew! 

The color is coming off very blue in this photo, though it is more of a grey in person. I plan to choose fabrics that bring out the grey. 

A Jenny Lind-style crib and a budget-buy glider. I couldn't bring myself to spend $1000 on a glider that I didn't even love that much. This one was on sale for 1/3 of that cost. I plan to add trim to the bottom hem in a coordinating fabric. It isn't the prettiest, but on the plus side, it is ridiculously comfortable. 

Since our baby room is also our guest room and is rather small in size, the bed has been relegated to the former closet and new "nook." Headboard and bedskirt will be redone (so excited to go shopping!). 

We're thinking once the baby's in his or her room for good and the grandparents are gone, the bed will make it's way to the basement until we are in a new place. Meaning blow-up mattress styles for any future guests . . . with lots and lots of beer to make it more comfortable (or forgettable)!

Stage 1, complete.

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