My Husband, Rick Moranis

This lovely photo came as part of a baby shower package and quickly turned into my favorite "gift" of the day. Una's sole request off the baby registry was the "carrier, so I can carry Baby around all day." Don't have to ask me twice. Done!

Our dear friends the Kiffers gave us the Ergo carrier, along with a personalized ad campaign, complete with a photoshopped and oversized Una-head onto model's body. 

My response to seeing the photo: "Why is Rick Moranis modeling the Ergo?"

And then I realized it was my husband.* 

I'm having it framed.

*Husband looks nothing like Rick Moranis in real life, which makes the pricelessness of this photo even greater.


  1. Hah!! I'm dying of laughter over here... Love you Jon! :)

  2. Haha. I lauged my rear end off while I made that card, glad it was a hit. Happy Birthday, yesterday!!

  3. Dying of laughter is exactly what's happening 5 miles up the road from Eliza.