Sewing 101

I officially completed my first real sewing project: a bedskirt! (The throw pillows and tote bag just don't count.) I purchased this fabric in September to make a headboard and bedskirt for our bedroom. Yesterday, locked in the house due to the snow, I finally made it. Ta da!

 Cut fabric pieces

Sewing the bottom hem

Ingenious solution to the ever-shifting bedskirt - attach by velcro to the box spring (who needs the 'deck' portion anyway)! Just remove to dry clean (this fabric can't be washed). 

Three sides finished! All we need is the bed.* 


Okay, looks fabulous, but only because the several mistakes I made are more or less hidden. Such as: realizing my original two fabric cuts were off and adjusting the remaining pieces to meet the correct measurement . . . and then sewing the two longer pieces together and the two shorter pieces together. Sweet. Also: rushing to construct the end of the skirt and not judging which end pieces went best together pattern-wise (you can see in the middle where the pattern lines are off). Finally: sewing hems that should have simply been ironed over twice (a waste of thread). All in all, a huge learning experience and the first time I've felt as if I could actually use my sewing machine to complete something presentable to the public. 

Headboard to come. I need a nap! 

*Oh yeah, that long-haired thing on the floor would be our golden retriever wall-to-wall upstairs shag carpeting that came with the house. I said golden retriever. I'd be appalled if it wasn't just so ridiculous.

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