I'd like to say I made it through the entire Oscars last night . . . so I will! Right 'til the very end, when my sleeping eyes watched The King's Speech take home the big honors. Yup, saying it makes it true.

Gotta say, I was disappointed. Anne and James did an admirable job (though it seemed Anne had a little more to do - ahem, singing, costume changes - than cutie pie James), the musical mashup of movies - including New Moon's "Doesn't he own a shirt?" - was my only personal highlight, but the wins were mind-numbingly, boringly predictable.* Add in too-long musical numbers (ooh, Gwyneth, you had a bad day, sister) and completely unexciting fashion, and I spent more time reading a magazine and chatting with my two friends than listening to the TV. Blah, blah, blahscars. That is, except for one lovely lady:

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy. She is awesome, original and stunning. I love her. She wins!
Okay, two people shook things up. 
Taking honorable mention to Cate's gold medal is Mila Kunis in a delicate, feminine Elie Saab dress (vastly outshining her co-star Natalie, who looked liked she was wearing a bedazzled Jaclyn Smith dress from Kmart - fail, Mulleavy sisters).

And because she is always good for entertainment and looked like she was about to jump on the stage and hit Kirk Douglas with his own cane while he stalled reading the Best Supporting Actress winner, Miss Helena Bonham Carter (that flag sure classes the ensemb up):

*I say predictable, and yet I lost the Oscar ballot contest I had going with my friends Emmie and Sunny. I threw some surprises in there, hoping they'd come true. They didn't. 

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