View from Above

This is a bikini first:

Had I known the only thing I could see would be the tips of my toenails, I probably would have put a lot more thought into the color. And it's all uphill from here.

Man-o-War was wonderful, charming, relaxing and hard to leave. To get an idea of this tiny Abacoan island, here are some stats:

Year-round population? Around 300. 
Speed limit:
For golf carts

Middle School:

Post Office:

Bank? Open for 2 hours, one day a week. There's one restaurant, two grocery stores and a much-visited ice cream shop called Island Treats. Three local families run virtually every enterprise on the island, from boat-building, to the hardware and gift shops. 

Needless to say, you spend all of your time gazing at (and swimming in) this:

Flew back to 30 degree temps (heck yes! that's warm!) and snow on the ground. Ah, home.


  1. Hahah! That's my favorite picture ever! You won't be able to see your toes from that view for much longer!

  2. Awww...Abbey! I want to kiss that belly. I am incredibly jealous of your vacation. Man, your relatives rock. First Eliza and Jeb's pictures from the Yacht. Now this. How do I get to be a Barrett?