And It's Only February

Running behind in everything! Have my first 15-page submission due for class today (uh . . . just finished; it's so-so), our neighbors are coming over for dinner tonight (house must be cleaned), am volunteering tomorrow, followed by a reading at a local cafe with my writer's group tomorrow night (my first ever!) which leaves Friday for all of the chores I haven't done and the sleep I haven't gotten.

In the meantime, our living room and dining room drapes were delivered on Monday - hallelujah, sweet baby Jesus! Here's a peek:

Drape fabric from Robert Allen, side table from Target, lamp from Salvation Army (spray-painted white), shade from Target, pillows made by moi. 


  1. Looks fantastic! Great fabric! xxA

  2. Abbey! This looks so awesome. Your picture looks like a design magazine. NICE WORK! So wish I could have seen the new window treatments in person. I LOVE the fabric.