I am officially 23 weeks now and have gained almost 20 pounds (required, but ew), which coincidentally feel as if they have leased an apartment on my thighs and rear end. (I was hoping for a 'No Vacancy' situation in this region, but apparently it's taking any and all customers.) My belly, in comparison to a woman at the gym who is due 3 days after me, appears weeks behind. I am expecting to wake up one morning with a giant beach ball for a belly, having inflated overnight and forcing me to the maternity store in the only clothes that will fit (a sports bra and athletic pants), a walking abstinence ad for the local teenage male population. 

On the downside, my skin resembles the before photos of those Proactiv commercials. Never in my life have I experienced breakouts like this. Neckne? Yeah, thanks for that. At least the chacne and backne are covered up for winter. Now if only burkhas were in style, I could feel completely at ease without a pound of foundation . . . 

On the wonderful upside, Una sees only the belly and perfect mini-baby hiding inside. Bloomberry kicks virtually all day, every day, a little hamster running perpetual laps and karate chopping my uterus walls. I've had no morning sickness and my food cravings include anything 'gummy, sweet or buttery.' Mmm, I'm hungry again. The house is in various states of progress, with the baby's closet and library collections slowly growing, and our master bedroom still unfinished. Veloc's new handicapped ramp for the backyard staircase turned out swimmingly and she skips up and down its indoor-outdoor carpeted slope like a young doe. (Photo to come. Our neighbor spied the contraption going up and wondered if we had  commissioned a mini-deck out back.)

We're off to test drive strollers this weekend, hit up a Marquette basketball game and craft some Packers decor for a friend's Super Bowl party amidst some projected snow flurries. Hope your weekend is warm and relaxing!

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  1. I'm rolling on the floor with laughter. Your humor and positive attitude will carry you through, Abbey. And I think you look marvelous. Kisses to the Bloom family!