My brother is in town for a late stage interview with a company based out of Milwaukee and with offices in San Francisco (where he lives). Lucky us! In the meantime, we hit up trivia last night (second place win) and are heading to the Buck - Spurs game tonight, a late addition to the itinerary. Since . . .  

Brother was supposed to fly home today, but since the East Coast is getting sloshed with another blizzard in less than a month (my parents have already lost electricity and are due for over one foot again), it doesn't look like he's going anywhere. Yes! 

Add to this that we have 6 college friends flying in to visit us this weekend, and I'm thinking next week is going to feel really, really boring. I've never been so excited to get so little sleep!

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  1. Hell yes! Can't wait to see you...and the new paint colors! Your dear sister is going to Porter watch for us. Eliza to the rescue!