Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Remember Una's holiday party, the one that required him to perform a song before his entire company + all significant others with his one fellow newbie employee? (Okay, it was for 50 people - not 350 - but still.)

It happened. We all sat at our dinner tables and watched as they performed "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree." And as Una said, he "blacked out" from stage fright. Which meant we heard every 5th word of the song, while his colleague tap danced and soloed her way through the ditty. Luckily, they came up with a little something extra to bring the performance over the edge. And had many proclaiming it was the "best performance of all time."

Which promptly saved Una's reputation. Judge, please accept photos 1 - 5 showing the defendant's attire the evening of December 15th:

 Multi-piece costume (note the two-toned shirt and gloves).

 My personal favorite item, the brown cotton stirrup pants, perfectly coordinated with present shoes.

Full ensemble.

 Mid-dance. A tap-style for Una's colleague. What looks to be an early 90's Cris Cross move from Una.

 Success and profuse facial sweating. Please observe multi-colored, blinking Christmas lights added to tree costume by yours truly.

A truly memorable evening. If only my camera actually had a video component. 
Live and learn, people. 

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