Go Pack Go!

Watching the game at a friend's house yesterday, we decided that 90% of the Wisconsin population was likely doing the same. I've never been around such a football community. Loving the Packers is like being proud of your state's most important historic landmark or cultural icon. You're from Wisconsin? How about those Packers? Yep, they're awesome (just don't bring up Favre). It was icing on the cake that it was the Bears that went down. A 'Sconsin dream.

Friday I made a brief stop at the supermarket. Check out the dessert department - only in Wisconsin:

Today is the first day of my fiction workshop class at UWM. We only get to submit twice each, but each submission needs to be 12 - 15 pages. A bit of a different approach but definitely helpful for applications . . . I'm nervous! 

Wonder what my fellow students will think of my belly?

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