Holy Halfway

Today I hit the 20 week mark and it officially smacked me in the face that I am halfway to D-Day (delivery, as I've reimagined it) or over halfway, should said child arrive early, as I did. (I am fully open to this scenario, baby.)

Baby is now the length of a banana and I've realized it's time to get started on you know, those classes I'm supposed to take, painting the baby's room and sourcing furniture (I do already know which crib I want), stocking up on necessities. Oh yeah, and reading up on parenting basics. Part of me just wants to wing it. What? That's what they did back in the day. You just figure it out. It's not like the dang thing comes with instructions (other than 'don't break' and 'I will embarrass you'). 

Anywho, the race is on! Can't wait to meet you, little one! We just can't wait!


  1. THIS GUY can't wait to meet you too little one!!

  2. I can't wait either! I already love little one!