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Oh man, do I hate rolling suitcases. They are so ugly. Practical, yes (beyond belief), but pretty? Hideous. Even those Louis Vuitton rollers - not doing it for me. Instead, I long for the days when people traveled with trunks. A Goyard set with my monogram - why yes, I'd love that! And a butler to tote it all, thank you very much.

Well, Jon finally broke me down this past weekend and bought a small black rolling suitcase as a carry-on. This, of course, is his bag (as I will not claim ownership . . . though I am considering tracking down the chicest luggage tag I can find to dial down the hein factor). 

Reading the airline mags on our way home, I found Steamline Luggage. (What? SkyMall is hilarious and also genius at the same time.) These roller bags call to mind the steamer luggage bags of old, with a few modern conveniences. 

The Ambassador

The Aviator

The Editor
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Those makeup/vanity cases are adorable. And certain styles are on sale for up to 40% off. Know anyone that needs a suitcase makeover? Head on over to 

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  1. so this is why you never use a rolling suitcase?!? i never knew you had such an aversion...