Halloween 2010

We had a busy Halloween o'er here in Mili-waukay. First up was a party hosted by Jon's boss. Originally we thought it was a work-related party, and then found out it was actually a shindig for all of his old friends, with a few work people thrown in. To the tune of 200 people. In serious costume. Here's what we went as (idea courtesy of my sister, Emily):

That would be sushi with a side of chopsticks and wasabi. Let's just say this crowd was not our target audience. Common responses: Why do you have a pillow on your back? Oh! So you're Chinese food! Sushi, eh? Weird. I don't get it.

The second party we headed to had been going on for 4 hours by the time we arrived. Fairly sure one of the hosts has no idea we even attended, though I spent a good deal of time chatting with her. We were out and about until 1 AM - heck yes! 

The best costumes we saw were Hulk Hogan, dressed in the signature shiny, yellow bikini bottom, knee-high plastic boots, white blond wig and mustache, and oiled up to the bejesus on his tanned, bare chest. An unrecognizable colleague of Jon's dressed as Teen Wolf (the boss even tried to introduce him to his wife, having no idea who he was) and a stunning Bret Michaels were my personal favorites. Though a dear friend of Jon's boss, who owns several KFC's out here, did dress as the Colonel . . . and his wife showed up in a chicken costume. Now that's commitment. 

What did you go as?

P.S. I constructed those chopstick Saturday afternoon after a trip to Home Depot. Quite clever, if I do say so myself.

P.P.S. Jon's pants are women's. Try finding white pants for men. Not happening. Had one of our friends in hysterics the entire night due to the flare of the leg, lack of pockets and drawstring. He kept them.

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