Lanvin Does H&M: Part 2

Ready to see what Lanvin has created for H&M? Prepare to swoon. Here are some beauties I would love to try on and take home. 

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Sadly, Lanvin will not be coming to Wisconsin. Apparently not much of a high fashion market. Shocker. Instead, I'll have to drive an hour and a half to Chicago to try and score some of these. Which I am considering . . . though not at 7 in the morning, to join the line of people no doubt queued up before the store opens (this is what happens in New York). I'm hoping there will be some clothes left in my size by the time I get there (say 5 PM) and then I can scour eBay for the exact pieces I'm looking for. 

Pray for me. Oh yes, my closet happily accepts prayers. And donations.


  1. Love these also! Call the Chicago store to check if they will receive the line. I asked out here & they told me that the only stores are Madison Ave & Beverly Hills. . . .as you say--rude! xxa