How the Blooms Do Things

Been working on finally getting our bedroom and the dining room painted (the living room is all done). After both of these we'll just have the guest bedroom left to do. I don't know why this gets dragged out over several months instead of making ourselves miserable for 7 straight days when we first move in (ahem, July). But, alas, such is how the Blooms do things.

Once we finish I'll post pictures. I'm tempted to include the before shots of the guest bedroom, which is currently painted a glorious 50/50 mixture of lavender and mint, but I'm unsure if the after will live up to this current scenario. 

So excited for the holiday season. Just found out that Una's work requires all new hires to sing a Christmas song at their December party . . . for the entire office. Lucky for Una, he's got one other newby to perform with, who just happens to have been awarded a voice scholarship to college. I am still gunning for an elf costume to accompany his back-up vocals. 

This. Is. Awesome.

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  1. Haha! Juan Geisha as the next American Idol, perhaps?! Please record the performance!