Special Times

Every Thursday, Una and I head over to Bootlegger's Bar for Trivia Night with four of our friends. Trivia Quizzes happen every night of the week in different bars across Milwaukee, each with various states of competitiveness. 

We had an addition to our usual team last night (aside from the 100 ACDC fans that were there pre-concert - 1) Why didn't Jon and I get our act together and buy tickets? 2) The fashion was amazing. Where else do men and women share the exact same hairstyle and its considered a good thing?). Apparently, at the bar where our Plus 1 usually goes, up to 15 teams participate. 

We have three. 

Which included last week's second place winner, a group of 3 overweight late-thirties men, whose team name was: My Dixie Rect. 

I mean, what.

Seeing as there are three prizes given each week (all credits to the bar - which promptly goes to our meal and drink tab) . . . I'd say the trivia odds at Bootleggers are in our favor. And last night, we finally got 1st place! Woo hoo! 

Special times.

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