A Sore Rear End

Tuesday was my last day at Belle Fiori! Woo hoo! 

Well, sort of.

Once Una accepted the new job, I gave myself an end date for the shop, hoping it would be enough time to secure a job while also giving me a deadline to adhere to. Dang, I wish that had worked. 

A funny thing about the Midwest (and perhaps almost everywhere that is not New York) - credentials matter utmost. Your degree, your years in a particular field, industry certifications - if you don't have the right match, you won't even be considered. All in direct opposition to my personal experiences in New York, where good references, a desire to prove yourself and do better than the next person, and a hard work ethic are often enough to get the job (you gotta do well to keep it). Let's see how I stack up:

Degree? Religious Studies. That's a no.
Internships? Require a degree in particular field. 
Level 1 jobs (which are clearly all I would qualify for)? College degree and preferably, internship experience. 
Years in a particular field? Publishing - 1.5. Fashion Pr - 1. Event planning - 2. (Excluding periods as my own boss.) 
And my age . . . for a bottom-dweller job . . . not a plus. 
AKA, Screwed. 

Oddly enough, the "worked in New York" factor is something that is often actually held against you out here. There's a funny Midwest hangup about New Yorkers thinking they're better and smarter than everyone else. And the reaction is to prove that the Midwest way of doing things is the correct way. 

Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

There have been some wonderfully kind people who have taken the time to speak with me and show me around, but the answer is always the same: I lack experience and a degree. And I'm competing with people with both. Followed by a nice, but not really that nice "Good Luck!" 

So the job search continues in virtually any creative industry that will take me. I'll keep you posted.

P.S. I'll work for free! And . . . not so much. Another funny Midwest hangup - working for free means neither party is held accountable, so the effort lacks real commitment and value for either.

P.P.S. Yeesh, I can't even give myself away.

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  1. Abbey- You will find something! I know it. You need another NY transplant to hire you! Or a Providence-ite. It's just a matter of time. You're so smart, so personable, and incredibly organized. My fingers are crossed for you.