"Resembling Watercress"

Our dear friend Lauren, who married Jon and me, lives in Cambodia. Daily normalities of life in Cambodia include driving on streets with no apparent safety laws and with up to 6 people on one moto, Christmas lights year round, duck embryo snacks, shoulder massages for men while standing at the urinal, taxi rides where you pay to share the seat with the driver, en masse aerobics in the park, and something particularly genius, the refilling of beer after each sip.

Lauren recently sent me two photos from a trip to the grocery store, via the iPhone (hence the blurriness). The first, a delicious vegetable:
"Resembling Watercress"

The second, a food packaging ad campaign for the history books:
Please note: Skinny girls eating seaweed and laughing. Overweight chick eating potato chips and crying (click on photo to get a close-up of said tear).

Well, I'm sold.


  1. Hilarious!

    So...would a mirkin expose be inappropriate for Providence Classic?

  2. I don't know if I could bring myself to buy something labeled "Resembling Watercress"!

  3. If I knew my majorly overdue trip to the grocery store was going to get press coverage I would have taken better photos!

    My first blog shoutout, I think!