Art and Interior Design in One

Emma Hack is an Australian multimedia artist and "skin illustrator." A photographer, Emma paints models into intricate, detailed backgrounds and then photographs them as part of the environment (similar in concept to Liu Bolin). Hack camouflages her muses within iconic images - such as bold Florence Broadhurst wallpapers and religious mandelas. Though her first image took 19 hours to paint, more recent pieces take anywhere from 8 - 14 hours each. I like her sense of humor - Hack still engages the invisible model with her surroundings - by artfully placing a bird in the pattern on a shoulder, arm or hands, having a model hold onto a prop (such as a cat - see below). I feel like she's winking at us through the photo.

I'm sure Una read "skin illustrator" and immediately thought Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Not that kind of skin painting. Check out some of the more elaborate illustrations she has done.

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