That stands for C.F.A. Sucks. Genius, I know. 

Una is preparing to take level two of the C.F.A. exam (chartered financial analyst) in June, known to be the most difficult of the three levels. Tests are pre-scheduled once or twice a year (depending on the level), and if you do not pass - round 1's pass rate? 34% - you have to wait one year before trying again. 

Needless to say, we don't need to drag this sitch out for two more years. Una is great at testing, but there's so much information with minute details (this level had 7 text books - ew - to be memorized in just over 5 months), it comes down to time management and preparation. As of today, there are 88,084 charterholders worldwide. 

And come just over 5 weeks, it will be 88,085* (fingers crossed!) . . . Go Jon!

[Okay, technically one more on the way to chartership.]


  1. Jon will do great! I know it! Sending all of our good energy to Milwaukee!

  2. CFA part 2 aint no match for our boy.