Sharon Core

Discovered Sharon Core's "Early American" photography series via The Moment blog on NY

Core's photographs are inspired by the paintings of American artist Raphaelle Peale (1774-1825). She grows her own heirloom fruits, flowers and vegetables and sources the vessels from auctions in order to locate the exact container or as similar food as would have been prevalent in Peale's time. Since Core does not use any digital assistance, her pieces must be timed perfectly to reflect the shadow, ripeness and bloom of the original painting.

Talk about patience.

From The Moment:

The photographs are completely traditional, involving no digital media whatsoever, so I am staging the “reality” of an early-19th-century painting in terms of lighting, subject matter and scale. This requires a lot of planning in advance of the moment of exposure. The paintings on which they are modeled were painstakingly painted to appear as real as possible, so I go to great pains to come at the image from another direction — to mirror it, so to speak.

Here's a comparison of an original Peale and Core's modern interpretation:

Raphaelle Peale: Melons and Morning Glories

Sharon Core: Melons and Morning Glories

This type of morning glory lives only one day - blooming in the morning and fading in the evening. Uh, someone likes a challenge.

More from "Early American":

I mean, this looks like a straight-up painting.

I love this one. And the berries up top.

 Photos from Yancey Richardson Gallery.

I think these are simply awesome. I would love one for the house (what a way to show traditional taste with a modern twist).
Hah! That'll happen!

Check out Core's NYC exhibit at the the Hermes store gallery on Madison Avenue.

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