Knicks v. Bucks

It was a beating. Here's Jon before he left for the game with our new friend, Mike. Hallelujah, we have a friend!

Jon said there were only 2 people in the audience in Knicks gear. Including him.

That soon became one person after the Knicks were down 31 POINTS AT THE HALF. They don't even have Stephon Marbury to blame for this one.

Jon proceeded to throw his jersey on the ground and stomp all over it, while simultaneously threatening to wrap his beer can in the jersey and chuck it at center court, Molotov cocktail-style. Luckily our friend talked him down from that ledge. And in the process of leaving the dreadful game and heading to a bar to meet me, Jon also managed to twist his ankle. (Um, what?)

Some folks go to church on Sunday; we practice sports rage on inanimate objects. I would like to call them both therapeutic.

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