Sushi and a Glass of Wine

I've written about red wine enough for anyone reading to realize it's clearly my beverage of choice. A glass of red wine, sitting next to a fire, watching a good movie (and eating movie theater butter popcorn) is pretty much my idea of heaven. Mmmm, yes.  But if you pinned me down and made me choose one food for the rest of my life, I'd come out with sushi. I'd eat it every day. As would Una. His first purchase if we were to win the lottery? A personal sushi chef. I'm not even kidding - I was told this verbatim several years ago. (Mine would be a house in Bermuda or the south of France. The sushi chef can travel with us.)

Well, I've had to say goodbye to both the red wine and the sushi. Una and I are having a baby! A real, live baby. Holy crap! To be honest, it still seems surreal - I've gained 5 pounds (looks more like a small turkey set up shop around my love handles), can't eat half of my favorite foods, and my skin's broken out like a 14-year old boy. Super. That perfect glow and basketball belly ("She doesn't even look pregnant from behind!")? - urban myth. Jeans that are now worn unbuttoned in public places and 24-hour gas? - reality. 

Our little baby Bloom is due at the end of May (we won't be finding out the sex) and now that we're in the second trimester, it's time to get cracking on the preparations. You know, like reading the text surrounding the baby book pictures, getting the baby's room ready (it's currently the "clean laundry pile" and storage room), and growing an actual pregnancy bump that looks less like I overdid it on the McDonald's Dollar Menu. The experience has been so different than I'd imagined (no morning sickness - heck yes!), and Una and I can't wait for the next six months. It's a pretty crazy time, good, weird, overwhelming - and so full of love.

In the meantime, I've already decided my hospital bag will include makeup (have you ever seen a photo post-birth? not good for the complexion), a bottle of screw-top Pinot Noir, and one plastic wine glass. Bring it on, baby. 


  1. Couldn't be more excited for Baby Bloom!!

  2. Yayyy!!!!!!!!!! This makes me cry...again, I blame mom for that gene. I can't wait to meet this little baby Bloom!

  3. its official---the baby announcement has hit the internet, which obviously, makes it real!! So beyond excited for you both. . .uhh, 2.5 by now! I think you should name the baby HAPPINESS. . .because thats the first thing I think of when I think about "it." Sending so much love to you all! xxooa

    Countdown is on, you have 5 weeks until we come to inspect the baby bump!

  4. OH YES! So glad it's now officially out there and I don't have to worry about ruining the surprise. First of all...Joines and I had a conversation last night about how it's actually not fair that you and Gilbane have been the first ones to get pregnant- you are setting unrealistic expectations for all of us. Here's why:
    1)You are both thin, athletic, and tall.
    2)You both always look like a million dollars, no matter what.
    3)Your kids are going to be so full of personality (umm...hello- Bloom and Barrett genes combining?) that the rest of our children are going to seem extremely boring in comparison.

    All kidding aside...I am sure that you look amazing. And I am just soo overjoyed. Can't wait to give that bump some love...

    Aunty Thompson

  5. Jon - proof! Susanna called me athletic! Hah!

  6. I am over the moon excited for you guys!!! What incredible parents you are both going to be to that beautiful baby! I can hear Em & James vying for the "Best Aunt/Uncle" title every year now... ;)