Pogonip - noun: An ice fog that forms in the mountain valleys of the western U.S.

Not sure what they call the freezing Milwaukee atmosphere that greeted me this morning when I drove Una to work at 6 AM. It has officially gone from 50 degrees (early last week) to 15 degrees. Black ice has also conveniently formed at the top of our stairs, which I discovered by accident yesterday while nearly throwing my back out by holding the railing for dear life as my legs went horizontal. 

Winter's arrived. And so has our tree, dressed up and ready for a nonexistent party. 

She's bottomless, so I'm not done. And yes, that is Una's childhood Giants helmet that we use as a topper. It's his favorite part of the tree. Can you spot the cheesehead ornament?

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  1. I spy Sacred Bird & Butterfly in the corner cupboard! Also...because you mentioned something about "green" Christmas tree options in your last tree blog...I thought I would send you think link to Grist - my favorite place for environmental news, tips, and snarkiness.