2010 Nor'easter

My parents' house in the small farming town of Rehoboth, Massachusetts (population: 10,074) received a foot of snow in the blizzard. Making today's 5:00 PM flight home to Milwaukee a hilarious joke on us. Currently on hold to book a different airline for Wednesday morning, as our cancelled flight was rescheduled - at the earliest - to Thursday AM.


We have my brother's chocolate lab with us while he is off touring the Caribbean with my littlest sister, uncle and cousins. No, I wasn't invited. Yes, this will be reflected in next year's Christmas gifts. Nola, a California born and bred puppy, does not know what to do with this hard white rain. And as such has decided to leave yellow marks everywhere. Like at the bottom of our back door staircase. 

Snaps of the yard:

Hello winter!

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