The Midwest got rocked by snowstorms this weekend. Oddly enough, Milwaukee was forecasted for a foot of snow and got . . . a few inches? At most? The wedding in Chicago, however, was doused in it, which made for the most beautiful scenery and freezing ears and legs. Thanks to baby brain, which on average has me forgetting about 10 items a day, I brought our camera and then promptly left it in the hotel room. Lucky for me, a handy guest made a short video of the ceremony with a message from some guests. Courtney, the bride, looked simply stunning. The orchid in her hair was in memory of her grandmother, who passed away recently and was never seen without one (chic lady). Check out the video here:

P.S. This was a wedding I created a style board for on the 9tailors blog earlier this year. Check it out - the bride gave each bridesmaid a vintage crystal brooch to wear with their gowns.

Sunday, after leaving horrendous blizzard conditions behind us in downtown Chicago (where I was literally stabbed in the eyeball by a flying icicle masquerading as a snowflake) and finding nothing but some slight rain and wind in southern Wisconsin, "we" took advantage of the nicer weather and stopped at Pleasant Prairie outlets. And oh boy, did we hit the mother load:

Una found New York Giant onesies. Obviously we had to purchase one in each size, ensuring appropriate Giants paraphernalia through the 18-month mark. Officially the first baby item we've purchased (I want to hold off until we're further along) and as far as Una's concerned, the most important.

I'd call this a very successful weekend. 

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  1. Aww! I love the video. The couple looks truly amazing. That is one classy family (or two, I guess!)

    Nice onesies, as well. We're Pats fans over here in MASS...but Jon and I promise not to send your baby a Brady jersey. least I promise.