Sunday brunch at Ma HeartAttack's. I ate 1.5 eggs on wheat toast with 2 slices of bacon (okay, and 1/2 of a pancake). This is what Jon had:

AKA, the "Meat Skillet." Wrong on so many levels. And yes, it was as large in person as it appears in the photo.

Went searching for a Christmas tree at a local greenhouse, which had an awesome selection.

Clearly we first had to conduct our due diligence, visiting one other greenhouse AND Home Depot to determine the best combination of fluffiness/cost. Alas, left HD, which was the cheapest, with only 2 wreaths and a much-needed snow-scraper for the car (snow on the ground again today!). Our schedule is very full!

Meet Treeta! (What?)
Note snow has already melted.

I'd love to show you a picture of Treeta in our living room, but the camera lens broke this weekend, too. Stellar happenings around here!
P.S. Totally stole my paper placemat from Ma HeartAttack's as I plan to stencil that exact Greek Key design in coral on our TV table. Once I paint it navy.

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