Feliz Nuevo Ano . . . Eve!

Today also marks our 7 year "anniversary." I guess the dating anniversary goes out the window once you get married. Frankly, I don't need to be remembering any extra dates. But I'm always game for extra presents! Hah!

Have a healthy and safe New Year's Eve! We'll be partying it up in suburban Wis with beer, food and apparently a hot tub. The invite said 'bring your bathing suits.'

I will not.

2010 Resolution 1: Do NOT wear bathing suits when there is snow on the ground, your skin is the same color of said snow, and your elastic waistband leggings are so tight they're starting to resemble those medical stockings made for older folks with varicose veins.

I think that's a good start to the year.


  1. Ab-bey New Year's Eve!

    I agree with the hot tub rule. I can hardly get my jeans on over my long johns to brave this apparent blizzard.

  2. Hope the New year is filled with your heart's desirers.