Hunched Like a Granny and Crying

Friday - awake at 7:00 AM. Pack up car and Houston and proceed to fall over in the snowy driveway with her in my arms as my back gives out. (The snow has arrived!) Somehow get her in the car and waddle to the front seat. Drive 2 hours in traffic to Chicago where Jon's CFA exam will be held, alternately crying/cursing/making necessary and obscene hand gestures to any and all neighboring vehicles due to insane back pain. Arrive at 9:45 AM in Chicago and proceed to limp into apartment, crawl into guest bedroom bed, and groan a la "When Harry Met Sally" for the next 5 hours. Attempted glass of wine does nothing for what I officially determine is a pinched nerve. Go nowhere and bedtime is 9 PM in anticipation of Jon's early morning test. Chicago is fun!

Saturday - pain. Spend 4 hours snailing one small bag/dog accessory at a time to the parked car in anticipation of leaving Chicago in time to attend Jon's work holiday party at 7 PM. Pick Jon up after test and drive hour and a half to Milwaukee. Am told ruined a lovely surprise baby shower from halfway across the continental United States by sending gifts too early. Super! Now mortified and hunched like a granny. Drop Houston off at home, change out of toxic pajamas (clothing has not been changed for 2 days) into dress and life-endangering heels. Promptly leave party after dinner is finished to sulk and sleep. Bedtime doesn't really involve sleep, as it is impossible to get comfortable.

Sunday - pain! Yes! Jon forces me to eat at a highly unhealthy joint called Ma HeartAttack's (fine, forgot Ma's real name), get a Christmas tree, watch the Giants win and decide to go to Twilight Saga: New Moon, as a concession for my stupid, rebellious back. (Suck on that, spine!) Have no idea how I will stand for 8.5 hours at work tomorrow. But I'm pumped! (Update - was put back on bouquet duty last Thursday - woo hoo!)

Low Point: Crying while using restroom.
Highlight: Christmas tree! Edward Cullen and Jacob. Wine. Christmas tree!

P.S. Yep, so I am still super bad at the posting. I promise to get back into the swing of things!


  1. Oh my sister and I saw new moon- edward nad jacob 2 weeks ago. Love how everytime bella talks with jacob she just stares at his abs.....