Florist, Week 7

I'm embarassed to admit that not much has changed in the skill department of my florist position. I would like to note, however, that as of Tuesday, I have made bouquets only 4 times, and made a vase arrangement only once. My days are filled with flower processing, cleaning, assisting customers, prepping containers and items for weekend weddings, packaging and completing phone orders . . . sadly, little time is left over to learn the actual art of flowermaking. When you're at the bottom of the floral bucket, all the grunt work is yours.

So I can't feel too bad about the fact that I know little more about floral design than the woman who runs the flower counter at Pick 'n Save or the lovely hombre who sells bouquets at the corner of 94th and Broadway on the UWS. Oh, let's be real - they probably know more than me.

Hoping that over the next few weeks I can ask for more opportunities to actually learn about floral arranging, as opposed to the intricacies of running a flower shop, of which I am now a connoisseur.

Keeping the claws crossed!

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