Newborn Necessities

Wow, life with a newborn. Let's call it . . . spontaneous. My day revolves around the little one and whatever version of a schedule she prefers. Here are the items that are worth their weight in gold for a new mom who most days can't remember if she's brushed her teeth:

Summer Infant BestView Digital Video Monitor
It's probably added hours to my precious sleep (allowing me to determine if Arden's really up and moving, or just making her standard pterodactyl noises as she dreams). Zooms, scans and has great sound. 

Miracle Swaddle Blanket
Recommended to us by numerous people and after testing out no less than 5 different swaddles (Wombie, standard folding blankets, MySwaddle, and more), this is the only one that keeps her arms in check. Girlfriend is squirmy! (Warning: it is a bit like a straight jacket . . . in a good way.) Also allows you to use on taller child, as you have the option not to enclose her legs.

The right size for a little newborn's mouth. Given to us at the hospital.

Petit Bateau Newborn Kimono-Style Onesies
The side-snap is the best - no over the head action. Also adorable. Wish I had bought more!

Pampers Swaddlers for Newborns
When you're on your 20th diaper change and it's 4 AM and you're supposed to keep track of all of your baby's wet ones, the urine stripe (turns blue if they went) is priceless. Trust me. Plus, the elastic legs on Pampers are stronger than Huggies. Also priceless. Really trust me.


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