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Melanie Fascitelli, founder of Clos-ette in New York (a high-end closet design and organization firm), interviewed my friend, interior designer Sara Gilbane. Needless to say, Sara has been a fabulous dresser for as long as I can remember and now that we have grown up, her closet has, too. (Apparently I'm still a thirteen year old, per the Forever 21 and H&M that craps up my closet.)

Here's an excerpt from the interview - get the whole piece here

What would you dream closet look like?
I have pulled so many images for my dream closet or dream closets for clients that it is tough to choose.  However,  if I had to choose, I would go with a wall-to-wall carpet (in a fun graphic print or animal print), I would upholster the walls in some sort of fabulous fabric (a pattern or a faux shagreen would be outstanding) and would have high-gloss cabinetry with plenty of shelves for my shoes and bags. I would also have a jewelry case of some kind made so I could see all my jewelry while getting dressed. The lighting in closets is also key, and nothing beats a custom or vintage light fixture. Slightly antiqued mirror inset in a panel as a full length mirror would finish it off. I also love having a free standing piece (an ottoman or beautiful chair) in the room where you can sit with a glass of wine or have a friend sit. Getting dressed should be a fun and relaxing process. For my husband’s closet, I would upholster the walls in a grey pinstripe and do high-gloss cabinetry in a deep blue or red. 

I'll take any of those shoes, thank you. Custom closet with fabric wallpaper, chandelier and lucite handles - another item to add to the future house. You know, the one I get to live in when pigs fly. Sigh.

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